Fruits and vegetables from which we should resign in autumn and winter time


Each of us
probably knows that it is worthwhile including vegetables and fruits in our everyday diet. They are a very valuable source of vitamins and minerals which are strengthening the defence mechanism and are protecting our organism from the appearance of different diseases.

are all fruit and vegetables always healthy for us?

It turns
out that we should avoid some of them in autumn and winter. Unfortunately many agricultural produce is contaminated with pesticides and being planted in artificial conditions, what have influence not only on taste, but also nutritious values. Before we reach for vegetables and fruits on shop shelves we should think firstly whether more they will help us then will harm us.

the best solution is to eat fruits and vegetables grown in your own garden or purchased from our well-known gardener. We should not in any case give up from eating fruit and vegetables in the autumn and winter period, only think about excluding from our diet some of them. From what fruits and vegetables should we resign in winter seasons?

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