Kiwi fruit


Kiwi fruit is native
to China. In original it was known as Yang Tao. They were brought to New Zealand from China by missionaries in the early 20th century with the first commercial plantings occurring several decades later. In 1960, they were renamed Chinese Gooseberries.

kiwi fruit is grown mostly in Italy, France, Greece and in the Far East: Japan, China and India. Just as all kinde of citrus, kiwi fruit has also cooling properties for our body. This is the reason why it is not recommended in cold weather. Moreover kiwi fruit contains an allergen that for people who are allergic can cause a rash, shortness of breath, sore throat, and in extreme cases even collapse.

kiwi trees
also contains calcium oxalate, which are a major cause of kidney stones. This fruit is a valuable source of vitamin C.

worth to know possible health benefit of consuming kiwi fruit. Mostly, include maintaining healthy skin tone and texture, reducing blood pressure and preventing heart disease and stroke.