cherry tomato
First of all,
we should dispense with winter fruit and vegetables coming from imports, because they are incomparably worse than those grown in season. These idea includes even tomatoes.

tomato is native to western South America and Central America. Native versions were small, like cherry tomatoes, and most likely yellow rather than red.

hard to deny that tomatoes have lots of health properties. It is a valuable source of lycopene and also strong antioxidant responsible for neutralizing free radicals wich slows the aging process. Furthermore, tomatoes prevent heart attacks, atherosclerosis, have anti-cancer effect and improve digestion.

During winter
to our stores vegetable and fruits come mainly from the Netherlands. This vegetables and fruits which are offered to us during winter usually do not grow in the ground. They grow in artificial method of planting which use rock wool soak with water and fertilizers. To our country producers delivered unripe vegetables and fruits which grow in artificial way and because of this their nutritional value is rather minimal.

Is it
worth to spend our money on a product that does not matter any nutrient values to us?